Simply 256 FAQs



Date: Wed 01/11/23
Time: 16:00 GMT
Price: 0.000000 ETH ($0.00)
Eligible Wallets: Anyone can mint

Date: Tue 31/10/23 (Halloween)
Time: 15:00 GMT
Price: 0.00000 ETH ($0.00)
Eligible Wallets for Whitelist:
• Whitelist winners
• OG Whitelist Discord Members
• Super OG Discord Members


Your wallet will also be Whitelisted if you hold any NFTs from any of the following collections:
Genuine Undead
Space Riders NFT

All minting occurs via Simply 256 official site:



When is the Public Mint?
Wed 1/11/23 at 17:00 BST

Can anyone participate in the Public Mint?

What is the Public Mint price?

How do I mint as part of the Public Mint?
Go to the Simply 256 official site ( for the official link to mint and connect your wallet on 1/11/23 (starting at 17:00 BST).

Can I use a whitelist wallet for the Public Mint?
Yes. You can use basically whatever wallet you wish.

What is the max number of tokens that can be minted per transaction?

Is there a max number of tokens per wallet?

Will there be an instant reveal?
Yes. (It may take a few moments to refresh).

How many Simply 256 will be available for the Public Mint?
At least several thousand. It depends how many are minted the day before during the Whitelist Mint. There will be 16,000 total Simply 256, and approximately 12,000 are available for Whitelist.
It’s possible some people who qualify for Whitelist will not claim their Simply 256 – those will then be available as part of the Public Mint.


When is the Whitelist Mint?

Tue 31/10/23 from 16:00 BST.

Who can participate in the Whitelist Mint?
Any wallet that has been submitted to us via Discord, Twitter or Subber Whitelist page.

I Won a slot for Whitelist Mint what should i do?
All winning wallets must be submitted to us via Ticket in Discord, no later than 29th of October 23:00 BST

What is the Whitelist Mint price?

How do I mint as part of the Whitelist Mint?
Go to the Simply 256 official site ( for the official link to mint and connect your wallet on 31/10/23 from 16:00 – 22:00 BST.

Can I also use the same wallet from the Whitelist Mint for the Public Mint?
Yes, if you want to.

Will there be an instant reveal?
Yes. (It may take a few moments to refresh). Also, there will be no risk of unrevealed rare Simply's being “sniped.”

How many Simply 256 will be available for the Whitelist Mint?
Approximately 12,000 (any unclaimed will become available for Public Mint).


What are Simply 256?
Simply 256 are 16,000 unique pixelated characters living on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the rarity structure of the collection?
Most common in the collection are the Earthlings. There are 16 different skin types for the Earthlings:

Meet some of the Earthlings:

The non-earthling types are more rare.

There are 15 types of non-earthlings:
Zombies, Devils, Vampires, Severed Heads, Killer Bots, Aliens, Cyber Goats, Cyborgs, Skeletons, Floating Skulls, Big Nugs, Mega Swedes, Shadow Masters, Long Heads & Electrons

What is the rarest type of Simply 256?
Electrons are rarest. Cyber Goats are also quite rare. There are many super rare 1:1 traits as well, including crowns, outfits, weapons, and more.

What is the pixel dimension of each Simply 256?
16 x 16 pixels..

Where does the name Simply 256 come from?
The name Simply 256 refers to the amount of pixels on the canvas 16x16=256.

Why 16 Pixels?
The lesser the pixels the larger the impact.

What is the final image resolution of each Simply 256?
Each image is a 1600 x 1600px PNG.

Are there additional 1/1’s in the collection?
Yes. There are at least 16 unique 1/1s in the collection, each has been built in the same way as the rest of the collection, so they all have traits, ability's and metadata. This means that you may need to hunt a little to find these 1/1s.

How many Simply 256 are reserved for the Simply project (including developers and mint partners)?
400 (2.5% of the collection). Some of these will also be used for future giveaways.

What is the royalty %?
6.9% and will later drop to 5%.


What is the official Simply 256 website? (watch out for fakes).

What is the official Simply 256 Twitter?
@Simply256 (watch out for fakes).

Is there a discord?
Yes: (watch out for fakes).

Are there other social media accounts besides the verified Simply256 Discord & Twitter account?
No (watch out for fakes).

Who is the artist behind Simply 256?
Generative Jorge “OG” crypto pixel artist..

Who Built the smart contract and Dapp running the minting process?
The contract and the minting dapp was created using Thirdweb, The ERC-721a NFT Drop Smart contract is fully Audited and safe to use, They also provide a feature that makes the mint order random (full randomness) in the mint.

Stay safe! Always go to the official Simply 256 website for minting info: