Project Info

Welcome to Simply 256

Simply 256 is a collection of 16000 pixelated PFP NFTs.

FREE MINT! On Ethereum 31st October 2023. We believe in the Free Mint culture,
NFTs should be for everyone to enjoy.

The Simply 256 collection is inspired by the CryptoPunks, who set out the standard back in 2017 with a 24x24 pixel NFT image, since then CryptoPunks has been a great inspiration for 1000s of NFT collections, many of them using this original standard 24x24 format!

Now in October 2023 a new standard has been born. 16*16 pixel PFP NFTs like you have never seen before.

The Simply 256 collection has been created on a 16x16 canvas, which makes 256 pixels per image, We believe that Limitations breeds creativity and working under huge constraints actually helps with the final result. The fewer the pixels the larger the impact. The bar has been raised, Step out of your comfort zone and be creative, Be inspired. Imagination rules the world. Powered by ADHD.

Keep It Simple!